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Micro-distillery Producing Brandy Whiskey & Rum

Tour With Us

Micro-distillery That Produces Brandy, Whiskey & Rum

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Distillery Tours & Spirit Tasting in Southern Illinois

Katy-Lynn Distillery in Carbondale Illinois specializes in small batch brandy, rum, and whiskey production.  Our brandy is made from South American wines from Chile. Rum is made from black strap molasses from Texas and brown sugar. Whiskey is made from locally grown corn, rye, and barley. We are located off highway 57 and highway 148.

Pub Distillery

After a tour or class your visit to the tasting room is a must. Check out our shop for merchandise or sample our spirits.  Tours start every hour up to 10 quests. Relax in our tasting room that allows 50 quests to share cherished moments with their family, friends, and guests.

Brandy, Whiskey & Rum

Our brandies have been made out of wine imported from Chile and our own vineyard, whiskey is made from local grains, and the rum has been distilled from the finest molasses from the islands, aging and ready to be bottled very soon.